Saving the Noumena: Kant’s Approach to Metaphysics

4 thoughts on “Saving the Noumena: Kant’s Approach to Metaphysics”

    1. I do, but I also think we can do traditional metaphysics, that the objects in themselves reveal themselves through appearance. The under-girding attitude of modern philosophy is an unnatural skepticism. We experience reality through experience, not merely experiences.


      1. Can you spell out exactly what is exactly Kant’s argument in defense of the noumena?


      2. Kant assumes what most people assume, that real objects exist. He does not set about to apodeitically establish the noumena. In some sense, this is nearly an absurdity—to prove that beings exists or that only experience and not objects which initiate experience. It takes a much deeper level of doubt and skepticism to ultimately end up there. However, one of his arguments as I mentioned in the post is that in simply recognize that all our experiences are experiences…that is appearances, they must be appearances of something. Even if we are not capable of knowing what that thing or those things are, we can know that they are.

        Is this helpful?


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