New College Jam

We held an informal Arithmetic class at a students home last night. Not only was it a lovely place to watch a movie and talk shop, but it was also a great chance to get to know the freshman a bit better. It is easy to forget how significant a little hospitality can be. An added surprise … Continue reading New College Jam

Bearing Fruit

There was recently some disagreement between different parties at the college. In my catastrophic thinking, this spelled the doom for our little community. To my delight, I found a number of students who had taken it upon themselves to pray. Seeing them reminded me of God’s sovereignty, and showed me that through His power He had … Continue reading Bearing Fruit

An Encounter with Personhood

To recognize one’s other as a self is to know a person as a person. Such knowledge goes infinitely further than tolerance or political equality. This post explores how ethical knowledge informs an experience of personhood. Personhood is ultimately a grander and more encompassing pursuit than that of tolerance or human rights alone.  For Thomas Aquinas, there are two primary modes of knowledge: the theoretical and the practical. Theoretical knowledge … Continue reading An Encounter with Personhood

The Pursuit of Wisdom

We began our reading of Plato’s Theaetetus in Arithmetic today. Like many of the ‘zetetic’ (seeking) dialogues, it focuses upon a central question:  What is knowledge? And like many of these dialogues, a question of Socrates, quickly dismissed, is yet worth our attention. In passing, Socrates asks Theaetetus if wisdom is the same thing as knowledge: Knowledge … Continue reading The Pursuit of Wisdom