It Never Fails

It never fails, if a boy should love a girl that he loses some sleep in the bargain. It never fails, when a young women first be a mother, that she be stricken now and again with fear and doubt, and sometime wonder many nights whether the child still breathes and should check on her. … Continue reading It Never Fails

Platted and Woven: On Human Sexuality

Human reproduction, when considered in its social context, is expressive of beauty and purpose. Though human history and the human family is marred by division, sorrow, and every form of violence, this beauty and purpose yet remains, albeit obscured and deeply marred. Further, in God’s grace, this beauty and purpose is redeemed and directed unto a new and greater perfection. Not every … Continue reading Platted and Woven: On Human Sexuality

Off to Storm the Castle

I am driving 8 hours today to Michigan to attend the 51st annual Medieval Conference in Kalamazoo at Western Michigan University. I’ll be presenting a paper on Beowulf! After that, I get to swing by Holland Michigan to see some old friends. a picture from a recent participatory viewing of the Princess Bride at church, … Continue reading Off to Storm the Castle