Psychological Well-being

Here are some books I found helpful. None of them are flawless, and none of them embrace a full rounded approach toward faith and spiritual praxis. With those caveats, I still recommend these books to the discerning reader who is struggling with depression, addiction, intimacy, or dysfunctional family dynamics.   I Don’t Want to Talk About … Continue reading Psychological Well-being

Literary Personal Ads

Personals In search of May-September romance in which the occasional scolding is enjoyed. Can share space with hypochondriac father-in-law. Wealthy Land Owner willing to burn his past down to the ground for love. Strong-Man hoping to be blinded by beauty. In need of grooming Book in search of Puritan-Type to worship its every word. Parallel lines in hope of … Continue reading Literary Personal Ads

The Poetics of Faith and Learning, Part 4

To be a disciple is fundamentally to be a learner. But while a geometry student submits his mind to a proof or theorem, a learner of Christ is called to submit his whole being to God. And while the student may come to internalize a truth, the disciple can come to embody God’s presence. This is because both Learning and discipleship happen through a process of poetic formation. In … Continue reading The Poetics of Faith and Learning, Part 4

The Poetics of Faith and Learning, Part 3

We saw that the study of Euclid can serve as an archetype of contemplative learning and that learning is itself personal and Trinitarian. Let’s slow down now and reflect upon how this might influence our own learning and teaching. Further Up and Further In Personal learning implies depth, depth which emerges in dialogue, and this requires more than frozen facts. Dialogue involves speech. … Continue reading The Poetics of Faith and Learning, Part 3