An Encounter with Personhood

To recognize one’s other as a self is to know a person as a person. Such knowledge goes infinitely further than tolerance or political equality. This post explores how ethical knowledge informs an experience of personhood. Personhood is ultimately a grander and more encompassing pursuit than that of tolerance or human rights alone.  For Thomas Aquinas, there are two primary modes of knowledge: the theoretical and the practical. Theoretical knowledge … Continue reading An Encounter with Personhood

Where are We Going?: Images and Originals Part III

Photograph by Sebastian Wahlhuetter If you have been following this series, you may be wondering what this is all about. Does the renaming of ‘form’ as ‘look’ really mean anything? Why all this talk about Platonic forms? Didn’t Aristotle discredit the ‘forms’ or ‘looks’ about 2300 years ago? What kind of relevance does this have today? … Continue reading Where are We Going?: Images and Originals Part III