The Pursuit of Wisdom

2 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Wisdom”

  1. “In reverence we cling to God because in Him is fullness of life. We know that the wisdom we need to truly live and serve Him is a wisdom larger than we can ever fully encompass or possess. Rather, Wisdom is a Person, the Son, and our wisdom is to be oriented to God in Him.” Excellent insight. Well worth meditation.

    I enjoyed this post thoroughly. I’ve been thinking about the meaning of wisdom lately, as the group Bible study I’ve been participating in just covered the topic of “wisdom”, (and some of what you’ve said here was brought forward for discussion).

    This very morning I was reading the president of Dallas University’s response to an old Boston globe article ( where he quoted Sun Tsu as having said “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” After reflecting on your post here, I observed that it would seem that within context, wisdom is to strategy what information/skilled performance is to tactics.

    There is infact alot of noise in the business world right now about being more “strategy” oriented than the more common pattern of being “tactics” oriented. The trouble would seem to then be that our modernity’s lack of appreciation for “meaning”, and subsequent preoccupation with quantitative questions, does not facilitate inquiries about meaning-oriented “strategy” very well, (or any other form of wisdom for that matter).

    Wisdom, as Sun Tsu demonstrates, can also be a profoundly slow route to victory. Modernity also abhors patience. But I digress…

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    1. You may be right about the parallel. It would depend on whether strategy amounted to a focus on unchanging or eternal things. In the sense that strategy is broader and less a gimmick than a tactic I would have to agree. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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