Like Yeast

Unlike computers, we can and often do learn in a manner which requires time. We come to know a thing by living with it. We read a book and slowly discover that we love a character or don’t trust them; we live year after year with a child or spouse and come to recognize them … Continue reading Like Yeast

Fragmented Anthropology: Contemporary Ethics, I

A student of contemporary ethics may be astonished by the variety of theories available: Egoism, Emotivism, Utilitarianism, Deontology, Subjectivism, etc. How is one to make sense of their contrary claims? Is the right action: Seeking my own good (Egoism)? the greatest good for the greatest number (Utility)? Obeying rules (Deontology)? Determined by culture, communities, or … Continue reading Fragmented Anthropology: Contemporary Ethics, I